Myofascial Release Case Study

Myofascial Release - leg treatmentFollowing a bad accident and a severely broken leg the treatment I had with Jenny has greatly improved the strength, and after ten sessions has hugely improved the nerve damage caused by an external fixator and fasciotomy. I am extremely grateful and would highly recommend her to anyone following similar problems to mine.

A 24 year old young man came for treatment having had an x-ray showing 70-80% of his tibia fracture had healed. The fracture occurred in a motor bike accident over a year previously and had required a fasciotomy with extensive surgery, skin grafts and external metal fixation.

Myofascial release Although he was generally fully weightbearing and back at work, as a carpenter he had difficulty when carrying things. He was also unable to walk far without crutches, play football with his nephews or drive comfortably for any distance. There was numbness across the fracture site with pain and loss of sensation around the lower leg with stiffness and weakness of the ankle and foot. Pain was aggravated by various knocks or trips which affected the fractured leg, with a constant low level pain, sharp at times.

Along with gradual stretching and strengthening exercises, a course of ten sessions with gentle yet progressively deeper myofascial release over five months facilitated excellent improvement.

This was measurable in minimal walking pain without crutches, standing painfree for 1-2 hours, driving 75 miles without pain, able to manage short periods of football and return of full range and strength of ankle movement. Sensation to touch returned to nearer normal.

Myofascial release is a gentle but very effective method for release of many soft tissue problems and disorders essentially affecting all systems in the area and beyond.