Therapies available

After 35 years of varied experience as a physiotherapist in the National Health Service, Jennifer now focusses on complimentary and integrated therapies to help you on the road to health and wellbeing. Jennifer is able to offer a number of different therapies to suit your individual needs. Reflexology

  • Reflexology / Reflextherapy For feet and/or hands. Uses skilled specific touch to facilitate relief of symptoms from a variety of conditions. It can be relaxing or invigorating.
  • Reflexology with crystals Intuitive approach on the feet with skilled touch and use of crystals to enhance the effects of each for whole health and wellbeing.
  • Craniosacral Therapy Uses gentle hands-on techniques to help relax, release, realign and refresh all tissues throughout the body, creating health and balance for mind and body. Learn more about this treatment.
  • Myofascial Release Works on the connective tissue (fascia) around and within muscles. Helpful for any soft tissue injury from sport, accident or post-operation. Read a case study of a young man benefitting from this treatment in his recovery from a motorbike accident or visit the Myofascial Release UK website to learn more.
  • Visceral Manipulation Uses gentle hands-on techniques to improve function of the internal organs, helping any related pains, perhaps from operation scars, illness or strain. Learn more about Visceral Manipulation.
  • Applied Bio-Mechanics A gentle, light-touch therapy that resets all of the body’s systems, resulting in a deeper level of healing in physical, emotional and spiritual expression. Visit for more information.
  • Exercise Programmes May be discussed. Generally, simple breathing control is used to assist with relaxation and body awareness.
  • Relaxation Occurs with many therapies to facilitate best results from treatment. It allows the body to access its own self-healing mechanisms.
  • Crystal Therapy Uses crystals which hold their own energy patterns. They can help clear and balance our own subtle blockages, harmonizing into all levels of life. Learn about this healing therapy.
  • Reiki Is a universal energy system enabling the balancing of the chakras, working on all body systems to facilitate health and healing. Reiki teaching is available. Watch a video from the Reiki Association.